Drawstring Sackpack - 3L
FWD Blue
Drawstring Sackpack - 3L
FWD Blue

Drawstring Sackpack - 3L

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Casual and comfortable drawstring gym bag. 

Made from a durable ‘ripstop’ nylon material, this pack is perfect for those days where you just need a few extra items. The drawstring opens wide to reveal a spacious interior, and there’s a zippered pocket for smaller items like keys or your phone. Plus, it’s water-resistant so no matter whether you’re packing a water bottle or your sweaty post-workout gym clothes it won’t leak moisture.

FWD Blue

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Why We Love It Why We Love It

It’s ideal for outdoor adventure. The lightweight and comfortable drawstring means you’ll barely notice it on your back as you run, climb, bike, hike or walk outside!

Details Details

Nylon body
Polyester drawstring          

Heat-sealed inverted zipper

Colour FWD Blue with black trim
Dimensions33cm x 46cm
Small bag 1.0L
Water resistant
Lightweight design
FWD Blue
Drawstring Sackpack - 3L

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Each day brings an energy of its own and we want you to feel confident you can pack it all in. Forward With Design, duffels, packs, organizers and totes are designed for your active lifestyle. Made from lightweight and durable materials that hug your shoulder, conform to your back, or sit comfortably in your hand as you move from one moment to the next. They allow you to transition from morning workout, to midday meeting, to dinner with friends, without sacrificing your style.