Metal-Free Shower Friendly Hair Clips - Pack of 2
Metal-Free Shower Friendly Hair Clips - Pack of 2

Metal-Free Shower Friendly Hair Clips - Pack of 2- Sterling Grey & FWD Blue

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Rust-proof metal-free jaw clips ideal for the gym and shower. 

These ingenious and durable jaw clips have a soft and stretchy silicone centre - so unlike a traditional metal spring clip, they won’t rust when exposed to sweat or water which makes them perfect for the gym, the shower or styling your hair. The jaws have an anti-slip coating for a firmer hold on your hair, and the grips feature a matte finish for a slip-resistant hand grip. 

Sterling Grey & FWD Blue

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Why We Love It Why We Love It

The silicone center is more durable than metal, and you never have to worry about your clip getting rusty.

Details Details
  • No-metal, rust-proof silicone center 
  • Slip-resistant matte finish 
  • Silicone coated teeth for secure hold 
  • Comes in a set of 2
Soft matte anti-slip coating

Pro Tip

Use your jaw clip to keep your hair up while you’re in the shower then use it to keep your towel securely wrapped on your body while you’re getting ready in the change room to prevent an awkward wardrobe malfunction!

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A Good Hair Day

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