6 Best Podcasts to Help You Build a Positive Mindset

6 Best Podcasts to Help You Build a Positive Mindset


We all see life differently based on our circumstances which forms our mindset. The beliefs and expectations you hold about yourself, your life, and the world around you contribute highly to building your mindset. A simple shift in attitude can help you manage stress, improve your health, and cope with life's challenges more successfully. It essentially means that faith and a positive attitude are effective tools for overcoming obstacles.

Reality is shaped by your mindset

The way you approach a particular situation depends on your mindset, which affects your thoughts, feelings, and physiological responses. In fact, the placebo effect is a phenomenon in medicine in which if someone believes they will benefit from taking a particular medication, they will often do. In addition to improved stress management and coping skills. Positive thinking has been linked to enhanced psychological health, stronger resistance to the common cold, increased physical well-being, lower rates of depression, and a lower rate of cardiovascular disease.

That is the power of having a positive mindset.

6 best podcasts for a positive mindset

Having positive people around can influence you to have an optimistic view of life which leads to bigger and more impactful changes. Here is a list of 6 podcast series that talk about physical and mental health, having a can-do attitude, and looking-at-the-brighter-side approach.

1 -Tell Them, I Am

Contrary to popular belief, significant achievements and big events are not always the key to a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. A person's character is often determined by the small moments in life. The purpose of this podcast is to highlight the voices and life experiences of Muslims. There is a new guest speaker every week, including Ramy Youssef, G. Willow Wilson, and Malala Yousafzai.

Guests on the show tell the story of small but impactful moments that shaped their lives and how their positive mindset influenced their path in life. Host Misha Euceph also tells a personal story about her childhood as an immigrant from Pakistan.

2 - The Model Health Show

Our minds and body are constantly juggling to cope with life challenges. Hence, it is critical to stop sometimes to reflect on your health-related issues, including metabolism, financial situation, stress, weight loss, self-empowerment, and brain health.

Shawn Stevenson, the host of this podcast does solo episodes in his easy-going style and interviews experts to address these matters in a way that feels relatable. This weekly podcast series covers every aspect of the human body, brain, and pursuit of achieving your best life.

3 - Chasing Excellence

Whether you're in or out of the gym, Ben Bergeron provides quick-paced insights into achieving your highest performance in every aspect of life. Fitness enthusiasts of all levels can find something here that fits their needs. Ben understands that a healthy lifestyle and self-empowerment are beyond physical strength. Hence, he breaks down strategies for eating right, exercising effectively, and focusing on a balanced way of living.

4 - Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast

The show engages listeners in a conversation about some of life's biggest challenges, from relationships to success to overcoming obstacles and finding your identity. Featuring friends and luminaries, the podcast explores a wide range of topics centered around "Being".

Michelle's trademark humor, warmth, and compassion result in engaging conversations that will leave you feeling smarter, lighter, and inspired.

5 - Mind Pump

The effort for fitness and physical strength should be directed toward a healthier lifestyle. This podcast keeps it real by dismissing all the noise around an unhealthy competition culture. Four athletes started this podcast after they became frustrated with the fitness industry focusing on insecurities about the body.

Their highly relatable way of covering sensitive topics will keep you hooked, while offering just the right amount of motivation.

6 - Things with Amy Brown

Sometimes, simple words of compassion can be all you need to feel motivated. Rated 5/5 on Apple, each episode of Ammy’s podcast has relatable content where she practices promoting an overall healthy well-being and maintaining an attitude of gratitude. She tries to instill these characteristics in her newly adopted children as well while she juggles the crazy schedule of a working mom.

Bonus - On Purpose

Jay Shetty simply helps you navigate through life when you aren’t able to shine your light as bright. Every guest on his show is insightful, motivating, and inspiring. No matter your current situation and energy level, you are guaranteed to feel better listening to this podcast and learn how to be the best version of yourself.

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