Created for a life in motion

Created for a life in motion

You live, work, and play, all at the same time. You're busy, but wouldn't have it any other way. Recognizing that '9 to 5' can never define who you are, or what you do, Forward With Design's active-styled apparel and accessories are created to take you effortlessly from home to work to workout, or anywhere else.
Combining style, comfort, and convenience with technical fabrics and materials, our collections are designed for motion, but also to support, and even restore you when it's time to unwind. Guided by mindful thinking, we create each piece with a passionate commitment to people and planet, and a life that never stops.

Our Design Philosophy

Our purpose-designed apparel is created to never let you down. Forward With Design eliminates the daily whine of what to wear with functional yet interchangeable collections featuring clean, minimal styles you'll want to combine and complement. Well-made with durable fabrics and structural innovations, each piece allows full range of movement and features details that enhance everyday comfort. Like our apparel, our accessories support a life in motion, with hidden, yet important features that make it easier to go about your day.


Trend-driven silhouettes and fabrics with full range of movement and support.


Purpose-designed pieces, versatile enough to transition with you throughout your day.


Clean, minimal style, and collections with swappable pieces.

Mindfully Created for People & Planet

Every Forward With Design product is a reflection of thoughtful choices. Mindful of our environmental footprint, we lean into using responsible production methods, materials, fabrics, and more. We try to raise the bar. We push ourselves relentlessly to meet our goals, and to improve wherever we can – for the planet, as well as for people, by favouring socially responsible practices as much as possible.

A few areas where we're making thoughtful choices:

● Plant-based and naturally derived ingredients
● Non-toxic formulas and materials
● Recyclable packaging and/or recycled packaging
● Environmentally friendly dyes and dyeing processes
● Fabrics made from recycled and repurposed materials

Materials, Fabrics & Technologies

As a Brand we're on a responsible journey, one that starts with a commitment to mindful choices so we can reduce our environmental impact. Although style is a given when developing new Forward With Design products, before any idea is allowed off the drawing board, we ask ourselves questions like, 'How sustainable can we make this product?' – so that ultimately we arrive at a finished product that is the best version of itself.

Recycled Polyester

All of our recycled polyester is derived from post-consumer plastic bottle waste certified by GRS or REPREVE®.

Recycled Nylon

We used nylon made from scraps of finished fabric certified by GRS.

Sorona® Agile

A partially plant-based spandex substitute, certified by the Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program.


Seamless knitting reduces fabric wastage and ensures better comfort and fit.


Fibre technology used to accelerate a fabric's water release rate in order to push perspiration to a garment's exterior and into the air.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 dyeing

All of our fabrics are dyed according OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, a certification which tests for harmful substances.


Bonding technology featured in our underwear for comfortable, seamless construction that won't chafe.

Anti-Odour Technology

Garments treated with technology to help reduce odours caused by sweat.


Soft, gentle fabric made from sustainably sourced natural raw wood material, providing comfort while aiding in breathability and temperature regulation.

Four-Way Stretch

Fabrics with the ability to stretch with you, regardless of how extreme your movements.

Moisture Wicking Technology

Pulls moisture from your body to a garment's exterior to help you stay dry and maintain optimal body temperature.

Multi-Functional Design

Creating versatile apparel and accessories that can be worn or used in multiple ways.

Future developments

A sustainable mindset is part of Forward With Design's DNA – and stitched into every seam. Over the next 2-3 years, we'll be working to minimize our carbon footprint through initiatives that include reducing waste, upcycling mono materials like cotton deadstock, and developing traceable garments.
We also plan to tackle using circular and sustainable materials. Long term, our journey will always focus on adopting new practices without compromising the future of our planet.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Forward With Design's mindful mantra, 'for people and planet,' is about a lot more than sustainability – it's part of a holistic approach that includes active support for a culture of diversity and inclusivity. From our internal teams, to the models we hire, to our campaigns and content development, we work with a broad range of talent that represents who we are, and who you are. We also promote size inclusivity by offering a plus-size women's assortment within our product range. We believe that Forward With Design is for you, no matter who you are.


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