Six of the coolest, most unique yoga studios in Toronto

Six of the coolest, most unique yoga studios in Toronto

Six of the coolest, most unique yoga studios in Toronto


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Published on Toronto Life

For when you’re craving a little something extra with your downward dog

Even diehard yogis devoted to their neighborhood studio like to switch it up every now and again. Luckily there’s no shortage of studios in Toronto, and here are six that each offer something special—whether it’s a chic on-site bar, live classical music or the opportunity to pose while suspended mid-air.

Of course, each class requires the right attire, which is where Forward With Design comes in, offering the perfect outfit for every pose—made sustainably and priced affordably, so you won’t think twice about that post-sweat treat.

Model wearing Low Impact Bra and High Rise 7/8 Legging

For live music: Chi Junky

This spacious Leslieville studio is all about the vibes: signs proclaiming “zen as f*ck” welcome attendees, and classes are set to specific playlists designed to complement every move. They also offer evening yin classes with live classical music to help you let go of any tension or stress.

You’ll want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will still keep you cozy during long stretches, like this blush-pink Terry Cropped Long-Sleeve Top.

For après-yoga cocktails: Sweat and Tonic

At this giant wellness emporium at Yonge and Shuter, a variety of yoga classes are held in an infrared-heated room. Afterward, grab a seat in the dedicated workspace or unwind with a custom cocktail at the on-site bar.

For a casual day-to-night outfit that’s also comfortable enough for a class, try this breathable Cropped Woven Pant and this cute Butter Tank.

For flying high: At Om

To take things to the next level, add an anti-gravity element to your routine. Sign up for an aerial yoga class at this Kensington Market studio where yogis suspend themselves from sashes attached to the ceiling, allowing for deeper stretches and new sensations during poses.

Form-fitting clothes that won’t get caught on any of the equipment reign supreme for this class, and this sleek Bodysuit certainly fits the bill.

For prenatal moves: Yoga Mamas

This maternal wellness centre offers a range of classes suitable for mamas up to nine months pregnant or nine months postpartum. They even have a dedicated series of classes that you can bring your baby along to.

Forward With Design’s silky-soft athletic gear is great for mothers and those expecting, like this moisture-wicking Butter Layer Long-Sleeve Top and High Impact Front-Zip Bra, which make it easy to feel supported during a workout and also be available for nursing on demand.

Left: Wearing Women’s Short Sleeve Active Flow Top and High Rise 7/8 Legging

For one-of-a-kind class combos: Good Space

Beautifully designed with a cool, relaxed atmosphere, this Parkdale studio radiates positive energy. Some of their more unusual classes include a dance-inspired yoga session and kundalini-focused Pilates.

To fit in at the trendy space, sport this coral Asymmetrical Sports Bra and a pair of matching high-waisted Core Legging.

Model wearing BLNCD Bra and BLNCD Legging

For puppy therapy: PawPals Yoga

To cure a case of the Mondays when power poses just won’t cut it, try exercising with a few prancing puppies at your feet. At this studio in the Annex, you can practise your moves while cuddling with tiny Rottweilers, golden retrievers and French bulldogs.

Fun and simplicity are key elements of this class, so this flared Super Soft Tank available in a variety of fun colours, is a fitting choice, and these Stretch Woven Jogger Pants will ensure you’re not a magnet for dog hair.

Now you’re all set to mix and match your Forward With Design yoga attire while perfecting your poses.

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