Travel Essential for Your Summer Getaway

Travel Essential for Your Summer Getaway


Travelling has become a bittersweet topic as it takes us back to the times when the world was shut off, the airports were haunted, and the busiest most cherished tourist spots were deserted due to the pandemic. The travel industry has evidently seen the biggest blow during the past couple of years. With the pandemic, travel trends might have changed forever as people make more considerate travel choices. The pursuit of physical, intellectual, and spiritual wellness is a popular trend after over a year of living with unbearable restrictions.

Having said that, summer is just around the corner and the possibilities for adventure traveling & tourism are endless. Whether you like camping, taking a road trip, planning a weekend getaway or excursions abroad - among other critical considerations, a travel bag is an absolute necessity to carry all your essentials. Your chosen travel bag can literally make or break your entire trip. So, while packing your stuff to take off to an exotic destination, remember to only rely on a bag that’s not only trendy, durable, and comfortable enough to carry all day, but is also equally practical, enduring, and secure.

Right Travel Bag Can Be a Game Changer

No doubt that being able to travel with one bag can be a liberating experience. It teaches you to cut down on many seemingly unnecessary consumer goods. Having just enough but not too much in your bag lets you smoothly glide from place to place making your travel filled with joy and convenience. Not to forget, you will be able to eliminate the lost-luggage trauma entirely.

However, being well equipped for your trip in the face of uncertainty can go a long way. Having your essentials handy whether it’s an extra pair of clothing, hydrating kit, toiletries, travel documents, or a face mask, a roomy duffel can accommodate it all. Everything you need can be at your fingertips if you rely on spacious yet trendy FWD backpack.

You’re a new traveler gearing up for your first trip, an active nomad seeking to be on the move while looking trendy, or somewhere in between, it’s critical to have the right travel bag to keep your trip organized and hassle-free.

Packing Tip

Wear as many clothing items as you can on your flight to free up space in your bag.
Roll your clothes, don’t fold.

Travel Fact

You can lose more than 60 ounces of water from your body during a ten-hour or longer flight so watch your body for fluids and keep your hydration kit handy.

Forward With Design’s Bags Collection – Your Ultimate Travel Companion

With unprecedented changes happening across the globe within the travel industry, we have taken the opportunity to redefine consumer needs and switch to more responsibly crafted travel essentials. The world might not have enough planes or hotels for everyone as travel roars back, rest assured that you’ll always have the options for the right travel bags at FWD so there’s one less thing for you to worry about!

For Men

Having spent so much time grounded, people are eager to explore new places as air travel and road-tripping have returned to normal. There is no doubt that if you are planning to travel, whether by plane, car, train, or anything else, you'll need the best travel bags to help you get there and back.

FWD Pleated 18L Backpack

Pleated backpack makes a great travel companion because of its travel-friendly features. On top of all the other elements, it also has a spacious interior, allowing you to store a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and more. All that functionality often adds up to a bag that works better but is not pleasant to the eyes - that’s not the case with this one.

FWD Convertible 26L Travel Pack 

The ideal definition of small but mighty! Pleasant appearance, great interior, sturdy hardware, and thoughtfully considered design of this bag would take you places. Men usually like to keep their carry-on as compact as possible, and this convertible travel pack is just the right pick for that purpose. Also, if you're bringing a carry-on bag with you, it'll slip right onto the handle.

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For Women

Women's bags tend to be more pretty than practical. However, any aspiring traveler must never overlook durability and convenience when choosing a travel bag. With versatility and function top of mind, the following bags are set to fulfill all your requirements.

FWD Expandable Tote 2.0

Our favorite kind of bag is one that’s purpose. Throw your stuff in the tote for a flight and turn it into a fashion accessory during your midnight stroll around the city. Responsibly crafted with recycled materials to meet your packing requirements, it can actually turn up to increase your carrying capacity with the gusset zip.

FWD On the Go 24L Duffel Bag

The image of you walking through an airport pulling your wobbling luggage while your tote slips off your shoulder is super scary. Instead, go with the feature-rich duffel bag that holds a lot of personal items and stays well organized during your hectic getaway. Regardless of where you’re headed, nothing beats this responsibly crafted space-saving & easy-to-carry travel essential.


No matter how challenging it is in the face of restrictive and ever-changing travel corridors, as long as you're well equipped with all your essentials in a robust travel bag, you’re set for a memorable travel experience.

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